Age Defying Beauty is one of London's leading Aesthetic Clinics with only medically trained consultants specialising in non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments.

Fillers before and after
Fillers before and after

This lady had fillers at our clinic and look how great she looked after her Lip fillers

Russian Lips
Russian Lips

Lip fillers London


"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together"

                                   Vincent van Gogh

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About Us:

The team at Age Defying Beauty come from a medical background and have  been trained to a high level in all aspects of non-surgical cosmetic & age-defying treatments . Staying at the forefront of the fast evolving aesthetic industry takes  dedication, Every cosmetic procedure requires the skills of an extraordinary physician one that is capable of high intellectual thinking skills and also high levels of creativity. A physician must be able to envision how a patient’s face or body can be transformed by a cosmetic treatment and decide whether or not that treatment can produce the desired results.  We keep up to date with all the latest procedures keeping our clients happy and coming back year after year.

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